Thursday, November 20, 2014

From HEROES to The X-Files

HEROES aired when my son was two years old. After watching the first two episodes, I decided to wait until my son was old enough to watch it with him. I'm glad I did. A few months ago, we started watching HEROES from the beginning.

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Now that we have finished HEROES, I thought we'd start a new series. I went back to my senior year in high school and college of watching The X-Files with  friends. It was a tradition to gather around the TV and watch The X-Files before going out at night.

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I turned on Netflix and searched for The X-Files. My son and I watched the first pilot episode, and he enjoyed it so much that he asked to watch the next one.

His favorite character is Fox Mulder. He doesn't like Dana Scully because of her skepticism. He's quote was, "I don't like her because she holds him back."

I explained that the chemistry between the two made the show a success and eventually led to movies -- I can't wait to watch the movies with him.

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