Thursday, October 9, 2014

Video Games

BuzzFeed presented reasons why people should play video games, such as "RPGs are linked to better problem solving skills and better grades" and "active sports games that requires physical activity can encourage children to be more active." However, according to, video games can can "increase aggressive thoughts, feelings, and behavior," can make kids be more socially isolated, and can cause kids to lose focus on schoolwork.

As a parent of a gamer, I've seen the dark side of too much gaming. After a day of gaming, my son can be more aggressive and less willing to cooperate. To resolve this, we usually tell him in advance how long he has to play and what we expect from him. When his time is over, we don't negotiate further. During school days, we limit his gaming to one hour.

Nonetheless, as a gamer myself, I feel the reasons presented by BuzzFeed are about right just as long as you can manage your time gaming.

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