Saturday, October 4, 2014

Second game of the Fall Season

My son's fall season is looking good so far. He looked strong as he whacked a high pitched ball towards short stop. Although he was tagged out at first, he did manage to bring in a runner home.

His defense was also strong. He played third and stopped a line drive with his head. Good thing he has a hard head, but that stop prevented a runner from running to third. Had he not stopped the ball, the other team would have won the game.

Game 1: PA: 2 AB: 2 BB: 0 SO/K: 0 H: 2 SB: 4 R: 2 RBI: 0
Game 2: PA: 2 AB: 1 BB: 1 SO/K: 0 H: 0 SB: 2 R: 0 RBI: 1
Total:     PA: 4 AB: 3 BB: 1 SO/K: 0 H: 2 SB: 2 R: 2 RBI: 1

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