Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Getting ready to pitch

My son was about one years old when I first realized that he would be in baseball. It was actually a family friend who noticed his strong arm and precision after playing with a ball.

He also had speed and force behind anything he threw. For example, after getting made at me for punishing him, he flung a cardboard at my neck. He was about fifteen feet away, and he was able to actually make a cut.

When he was in pee-wee and coach pitch leagues, he always liked playing the pitcher position. Although he didn't have to throw, he liked being on the mound.

When he moved up to the kid pitch league, last year, he shied away from the idea of pitching. The reason? He didn't want to hit a kid. Yes, although he terrorizes his parents, he does have compassion towards others.

During this past summer, my father-in-law started working with my son on both batting and pitching. So, during practice, my son was able to show the coach his pitching skills.

After throwing a few pitches, the coach came up to me and asked if my son ever thought about pitching. I told my son what the coach had asked, and my son was quick to respond he was ready.

So, maybe he'll be in the pitching rotation soon.

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