Monday, October 20, 2014

4th Game of the Fall Season

Fall ball is an instructional time for players. The league does not keep score; although, many parents request that stats be kept for their kids.

Today was the first time my son was pitcher for his team. He had an incredible performance hitting a triple and stealing home, up until he was on the mound and walked several players. At that point, he just gave up and the coach had to switch him with the third baseman.

He also made a great play as short stop. There was a runner on third and first. The ball rolled into his glove, he read the situation and decided to throw the ball to the catcher. The catcher caught the ball in time to tag the runner preventing them a score.

His stats so far:

Game 1: PA: 2 AB: 2 BB: 0 SO/K: 0 H: 2 SB: 4 R: 2 RBI: 0
Game 2: PA: 2 AB: 1 BB: 1 SO/K: 0 H: 0 SB: 2 R: 0 RBI: 1
Game 3: PA: 1 AB: 0 BB: 0 SO/K: 0 H: 0 SB: 0 R: 0 RBI: 0
Game 4: PA: 2 AB: 1 BB: 0 SO/K: 1 H: 1 SB: 2 R: 1 RBI: 0
Total:     PA: 7 AB: 4 BB: 1 SO/K: 1 H: 3 SB: 4 R: 3 RBI: 1

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