Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I dreamt I met Stan Lee

Last night, I had the wildest dream. To be honest, it was the best dream I have ever had. I woke up with the biggest smile and made myself remember it before I would forget.

I dreamt that I had met Stan Lee. We had met at a Wal-Mart and he decided to sit with me outside on a picnic table.

I don't remember our conversation, but it seemed as if we enjoyed each others time together. He was quite delightful. He even talked to my son who was sitting with us writing a story.

At one point, Stan Lee reached over and gave him a few tips on writing comics. My son listened as he continued to write.

Then a huge mob of people started exiting the store. Stan Lee was leaving, but I didn't want to loose him until I got a picture with him.

I called out for my friends to join in the picture, and as the flash set off, I woke up.

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