Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Confessions of a Gym Dweeb - Working out numb

I should listen to the dentist more closely. I had gone to the dentist a few weeks ago for my biannual cleaning. She inspected my teeth after the hygienist cleaned them and informed me that I should get the fillers on my molars redone. She explained that they were coming undone in some areas and that this needed to be redone in order to avoid cavities.

It seems as if I understood what she said; however, for some reason or another all I heard was "fillers on your back molars to avoid cavities."

Not a problem, I thought. I scheduled my appointment a month later.

A month later, I strolled back into the dentist office and waited for my dentist to come and put fillers on my back molars.

"Today, you'll be getting your fillers on your back molars replaced," she explained.

"Wait," I stopped her, "I'll be getting fillers?"

"Yes, I'll check my notes but that's why you are here, dear."

She looked at her notes and confirmed the appointment. She returned with two large syringes and placed them on my chest.

She injected the first syringe of anesthesia along the back inner cheek. She did the same with the other syringe.

I hate syringes. HATE IT.

After the thirty minute procedure, I left the dentist's office with the right side of my face numb.

Since I left work early to go to my dentist appointment, I thought it would be good to run a few errands.

I decided to go to the store to by our weekly supply of dinner wine. Still feeling numb, I noticed my son's classmate and his mom shopping. I walked up to them and said hello.

Of course, the hello that came out was more like a drunkard saying hello. So, here I am, walking up to them at three in the afternoon, with a case of six wines saying hello.

His mom gave me a look of concern as I wiped drool that I felt drip along my chin.

"Sorry," I explained, "I just came from the dentist."

"Oh... okay. I hope you feel better," the mom replied.

You'd think I'd call it a wrap and go home after that. Think again.

I wanted to make it to the gym--at least for thirty minutes.

Well, thirty minutes was all I can do. The weights were more than what I could handle; although, it's the same amount I usually do. My energy on the treadmill was limited. I quickly got tired after three quarters of mile.

It wasn't until I tried to drink water from the fountain when I then realized that perhaps I should just go home. Since I couldn't feel the right side of my face, water just ran out of my mouth. Sadly, a few others waiting behind me to have a drink, saw me spill water out of my mouth over the fountain and onto the floor.

I went home.