Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Confessions of a Gym Dweeb - Looking too good in a Green Lantern tee

I wear Green Lantern tees to the gym. I'm not the only one either. There are also others to where we can actually create an unofficial Green Lantern Corps.

The cool thing is that us geeks don't have to look good wearing the insignia on our chest. We are comfortable in our own body form (bony, beer-belly, pear shaped, etc.) and still feel as if we are some kind of superhero.

Then a body-builder had to ruin it for us geeks.

via moviepilot
This well muscled guy, who could be the the John Stewart Green Lantern, wore a two-sizes-too-small Green Lantern tee that exposed his chiseled upper body with precision.

While us geeks who could only dream of being in the Green Lantern Corps, this muscly man could easily be chosen by the Power Ring.

Him wearing the Green Lantern tee made me more self-conscious a feel more like a dweeb.

The next day, instead of my Green Lantern tee, I choose to wear my Sacramento Kings tee. "No one wears Sac Kings tees in Austin, I should be safe," I thought.

But why should I care what others wear at the gym. I had to remind myself that a shirt is only a shirt. Then I realized that body-builders can be sci-fi and comic book geeks too.

The following week, I returned to my rotation of wearing my Green Lantern tees.

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