Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Wheel of Fortune can be entertaining, especially College Week

Julian Batts represented Indiana University during College Week on Wheel of Fortune which aired in April 2014. Although he beat the other contestants, getting to the finish line was a bit brutal.

Julian had landed on a million dollars, then spun three more times to compete the board. The board read "Mythological Hero Achilles," except he mispronounced Achilles and instead said "A-Chill-less"

"I can't accept that," Pat Sajak responded.

Texas A&M sophomore student, Shelby Edmiston, who was standing to Julian's left, proudly pronounced the answer and took the win.

Julian did redeem himself after solving the the following puzzle of "Science Project Runway" and increased his total to $11,700. 

Then he dominated the last puzzle and it seemed as if he was on his way on solving another puzzle.

He spun six times, earned $14,250 and a Chevy Sonic, but then lost it all when he asked for a "C." C like in car. The category was "Person," which common sense would mean the missing letters would have to be a "M." Car is a thing.

Again, the Aggie swooped in and solved the puzzle, and she won a trip to Jamaica, home of the world's fastest man, Usain Bolt.

In the Speed-Up round, with only seven letters missing, Julian confidently guessed, "On-the-Spot-Dicespin." Yes, dicespin. I guess he knows how to spin a die.

Again, the Aggie solved the puzzle, "On-the-Spot-Decision."

Nonetheless, Julian still had more points and won the game. Sajak commented, "Julian, I don't think anyone has ever taken a more circuitous route to victory..."


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