Saturday, April 12, 2014

7th Game of the Season

There is a kid in my son's team who really doesn't want to be there. While at the batter's box, he is unwilling to get in a ready position. His arms are down. His bat is back. Then he lets his arms drop before the ball even crosses the plate. Strike.

I'm told, by my son, that this player doesn't like baseball and that his father makes him play.

This is something my wife and I want to avoid doing to our son. However, if it were up to my son, he'd probably spend his afternoons playing video games.

At the beginning of the season, we asked our son if he was still serious about baseball. He said he was, but we weren't convinced. We gave him two options: baseball or hip hop. He chose baseball.

The past few games, he's been playing outfield--a position he doesn't like very much. My wife said that I should talk to the coach and share "our" concerns. I responded that I would do it only if I knew that it really bothered my son and if I knew my son was serious about playing baseball.

She spoke to our son and he said that he was serious about baseball, that he doesn't like playing outfield, but he didn't want us to talk to the coach.

This last game, my son played a few innings in the outfield, but did play third base, the position the kid who doesn't like baseball plays, in the last inning. Needlesstosay, my son was happy.

Chances are the father of the kid that doesn't like baseball spoke to the coaches and asked to place his son in the infield. To accommodate the request, my son was placed in the outfield.

My son's team did win their seventh game of the season by two points. The team currently sits third in their division.

His stats, so far:

Game 1: PA: 2 AB: 1 BB: 1 SO/K: 0 H: 1 SB: 3 R: 1
Game 2: PA: 2 AB: 0 BB: 2 SO/K: 0 H: 0 SB: 0 R: 0
Game 3: PA: 2 AB: 0 BB: 2 SO/K: 0 H: 0 SB: 0 R: 0
Game 4: PA: 2 AB: 0 BB: 1 SO/K: 1 H: 0 SB: 1 R: 0
Game 5: PA: 2 AB: 1 BB: 1 SO/K: 1 H: 0 SB: 1 R: 0
Game 6: PA: 1 AB: 1 BB: 1 SO/K: 0 H: 0 SB: 2 R: 1
Game 7: PA: 2 AB: 1 BB: 0 SO/K: 1 H: 0 SB: 0 R: 0
Total  : PA: 13 AB: 4 BB: 8 SO/K: 3 H: 1 SB: 7 R: 2

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