Wednesday, March 26, 2014

First two game of the spring season

I always look forward to little league baseball season. It's a time when the boys come back from winter break taller, stronger, and faster. My son is in that category as well, since he's had a growth spurt since fall ball.

During fall ball, my son was having difficulty making contact with the ball. Perhaps it was because he was new to kid pitch; however, now he's able to make contact.

His first game of the spring season was played on March 17th against the Indians. Although his Astros team lost by one point, he was able to hit the ball, steal three bases, and score a run.

His second game was played on March 22nd against the Giants. My son had difficulty throughout the game. His fielding was not his best--two balls escaped him while he played second baseman. His batting was great, though. He hit two pitches from two different pitchers; however, he was unable to reach first base in time.

His stats, so far:

Game 1: PA: 2 AB: 1 H: 1 SB: 3 R: 1
Game 2: PA: 2 AB: 0 H: 0 SB: 0 R: 0

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