Monday, February 10, 2014

The Politics of Little League - Spring Season

Spring season is almost here. It's when everything starts to turn a little green; especially the baseball field diamond.

A few nights ago, we had our monthly board meeting to discuss the spring season. On the agenda was the logistics involved in opening ceremony and the selection of team managers.

Because we are short team managers, the board president turned to me and asked if I was interested in managing a girls team.

"Who me?" I said stunned, "I... I don't have time. I'll volunteer as much as I can this spring."

"I don't know softball," I thought. "I can't manage a team."

That evening, after the board meeting, I started thinking of why this upset me. I know the basics of baseball. I know softball too. I know what looks good and bad. I know how to manage a team. Why did I shy away from this cool opportunity?

Unfortunately, my current job is a little demanding of my time. It would be a disservice to the team if I were selected as a team manager.

Then it occurred to me, my father-in-law managed several little league baseball and softball teams. So, that evening, I shot him an email informing him that the board was searching for team managers. He hasn't responded.

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