Saturday, January 18, 2014

Confessions of a Gym Dweeb : Make it a Routine

I haven't done a blog entry on Confessions of a Gym Dweeb since November.

I've been going to the gym on a regular basis for the last three years, and yet I'm still a dweeb. I try to avoid the men's dressing room. I don't talk to people. I try not to stare. I do my routine and leave.

Being a regular, you do get to recognize the clientele. There's the guy who I always see in the hot tub. There's the guy who once gave me my keys which I left on a stationary cycling machine. There's the well-toned brunette that you'd never know she was pregnant. And there's the cute redhead with the incredible thighs I like to take a glimpse at before she go into her fitness class.

But the new year also brings new clients to the gym--the clients who make it their resolution to lose weight or get toned. Although this is a great start to get healthy, many of them only last a few months and disappear. Then we are again left with the same clientele.

I joked with my friends that this year it's slim pickings at the gym. The past few years, I'd notice milfs and young professional women joining the gym. This year there are more older couples and men. Just an observation. Really, I do try not to stare.

So, the key to personal fitness is making it a routine. In other words, during the first few months, make time on your calendar to go to the gym. Write it down with a permanent marker. Stick with that personal appointment. If you have to miss a day, make sure to get back on the routine quickly.

Another important thing is to start slow and low. Don't be intimidated by the buffs--they started low at some point too. If you are doing cardio for the first time, don't strain yourself. Work on getting your heartbeat up and don't tire yourself out.  

Just my two cents.

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