Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Meeting William Shatner


Last year, I got to meet Patrick Stewart at Austin's ComicCon. I remember being in line waiting to take a photo with Stewart and trying to memorize what I would tell my role model. I was so nervous that the only thing that came out of my mouth during that 10 seconds was "Thank you for everything you have done." 

I was shaking with excitement after exiting the photo room. Then I started to think about what I had said. I thought, "Ah... shit. I can't believe I said that." The phrase has bugged me to this day. Plus, I didn't have anyone to share that experience.

Fast forward a year and I've learned since then. This time around I stood in line for William Shatner. Instead of being by myself, I was joined by my good friend, HK. And rather than trying to memorize what I would say, I stood quietly waiting for our turn for the photo op.

My buddy, however, was like me the year before and tried to come up with something clever to tell Captain Kirk. I begged him to not make it too cheesy and not to embarrass me. At one point, he had mentioned going up to him and saying, "I'm here as a fan of TJ Hooker."

Shatner was sitting on a stool wearing a sports coat as we walked into the photo room. We approached him and stood on each side of Shatner. Before walking up to him, HK said him, "God bless." To which Shatner responded, "Thank you." Snap.

What an adrenaline rush! We walked out high-fiving and sharing our excitement as if we had climbed the highest peak in the world. Totally, geeking out.

I had shared my dream experience with my close friend, and I couldn't have asked for anything better.


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