Monday, November 11, 2013

Confessions of a Gym Dweeb - Preggo Creeper Part 2

Wow. It's actually been over a year since I posted about me staring at a pregnant lady while working out at the gym. You can read the "Preggo Creeper" post HERE.

Well, it had been a while since I had seen her at the gym. Naturally, my guess was that perhaps she focused her attention on her new born baby and maybe rescheduled her fitness.

The reason why I think she may have rescheduled her fitness is because she looks incredible. Her figure is as if she was never pregnant. However, it's been found that working out during pregnancy does help mothers-to-be gain less excess weight and allows muscles to stay strong and toned.

If you or your significant other is pregnant, please check out the links below for more information on pregnancy and fitness.


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