Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Companies can offer truth in labeling

There was a time when I didn't care about what I ate. I thought that if it was consumable and if everyone else was eating it, then it must be safe.

It wasn't until I consumed a product I had purchased from a Chinese store when my way of thinking changed. My wife was cooking Asian food and I figured bao pork and veggie buns would add to the experience. My son and wife didn't have any, but I helped myself to a few of them.

The next morning, I woke up with hives covering everything except my gentiles. I had immense itching to the point that there was discomfort. A day later, my doctor gave me a cordisone shot and steroid cream. My body was covered with remnant bruises where the hives were for about two weeks.

I had to find out what caused my hives. After visiting a allergist and doing my own research, I found that the issue was a reaction I had to salt enhancing flavor known as monosodium glutamate or MSG. In fact, I would purposely test my hypothesis to evaluate my symptoms. Sure enough, any foods that contain MSG or artificial sweetener such as saccharin will cause me to have a reaction.

So what's in your food? It's something I've made a habit to check before purchasing and eating. What we may learn is that many of the foods that we consume daily have been genetically modified. Basically, this means that the food's original DNA has been modified in some way to enhance desired traits and be resilient to plant disease or tolerant to herbicide.

Sound great, right? However, there are some risks to making super-foods, such as antibiotic resistance, and introduction of allergens and toxins to foods.

In the past few years, industry have fought any government requirements of labeling products as genetically modified (GM) foods. The great thing about living in a free market, however, is that companies can provide their customers truth in labeling without government control. For example, national fast food chain Chipotle has decided to eliminate any GM foods from their menu.

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