Tuesday, November 5, 2013

6th Game of the Fall Season

My son had his sixth game of the fall season on Saturday.

He's been struggling with his batting, which is concerning to my father-in-law and I. My father-in-law, who played in the minors, has been working with him on his batting, these past few weeks. However, when my son is on the batter's box, it seems as if he is worried the pitcher is aiming at him and not the catcher's mitt. We've also wondered if my son is purposely allowing the pitcher to throw balls to get a free pass to first base.

Regardless of his batting performance, he did play good defense. While playing third base, he did successfully tag a runner out.

His team won the game against the Red Sox.

His stats, so far:

Game 1: AB: 3 H: 1 R: 1 BB: 2 RBI: 1 SB: 2 (Against the Orioles)
Game 2: AB: 2 H: 0 R: 1 BB: 1 RBI: 0 SB: 3 (Against the Giants)
Game 3: AB: 3 H: 0 R: 0 BB: 0 RBI: 0 SB: 0 (Against the Orioles)
Game 4: AB: 3 H: 0 R: 1 BB: 2 RBI: 0 SB: 4 (Against the Giants)
Game 5: AB: 2 H: 0 R: 1 BB: 1 RBI: 0 SB: 1 (Against the Yankees)
Game 6: AB: 2 H: 0 R: 0 BB: 1 RBI: 0 SB: 0 (Against the Red Sox)

Total:     AB: 15 H: 1 R: 4 BB: 7 RBI: 1 SB: 10

Photo taken on November 2, 2013 using the iPhone 5S.

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