Thursday, October 10, 2013

Yes, I am a geek

A coworker noticed that I was wearing the same Green Lantern t-shirt to the gym. I explained that I actually have two Green Lantern t-shirts that are different from each other and I do switch them around. Laughs broke out and we left it at that.

Needlesstosay, his comments got me.

I decided to visit Target after working out and purchase a new t-shirt. I saw a few a liked. There was one of the new Starfleet insignia, but the print was too plastic-y. There was a black AC/DC t-shirt I liked, but it was black and it could get a little hot when working out. There were some light grey t-shirts, but I look fat in grey. And there it was: a green t-shirt. I look great in green, I thought.

I went up to the cashier to make my purchase. She did a double-take when she passed the green t-shirt over the barcode reader. I was wearing a similar Green Lantern t-shirt, which I had purchased a few years back from Target.

"I'm part of the Green Lantern Corps," I explained and walked off with my new green t-shirt.

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