Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Politics of Little League - Cap-Gate

Five days before the fall ball season was to start, our players received their shirts and caps. The problem: the caps did not match the shirts.

Us parents were instructed to purchase orange socks and belts for our kids, since our team is the Astros and their colors are orange and blue. The caps we received were with the black and red broken star--the old Astros logo.

Several parents and coaches were upset with the mix-up. Being one of the board members, I decided to raise the issue to the board in order to get a quick solution.

"We have a problem. The Astros' team's shirts do not match the caps. The caps are from the old Astros (the black and red star) and the uniform is in the new orange color. This is a problem. Any solutions?" I asked.

One board member suggested we take a collection and purchase the caps for the kids--this was a solution I was willing to take if nothing else was an option. A few of the senior members told me the team should "suck it up."

A lady I had an issue with the year before (See previous blog), stated that she had to beg the company to produce 300 plus uniforms and caps with a quick turnaround, and she didn't want to "burn a bridge" for 15 caps. Then she lectured me that this issue should have followed a chain of command rather than involve the whole board. I then reminded her that the issue was raised by me and another board member with kids on the team.

The following day, one of the other board members looked into resolving the situation. She contacted the vendor and reordered the caps. The right caps were delivered within two days.

My son and the rest of the team wore their orange and blue Astros cap for their first game, Saturday morning.

Needlesstosay, the parents and coaches were happy that the board took measures to correct the problem.

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