Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My son's disappointment with his new TV

After my wife spent the good part of Saturday cleaning and bagging old toys, we decided to redecorate our son's bedroom. And since my son is nine years old, I figured it was time to hook up a TV in his room.

I was about his age when I got my first 13 inch black & white TV. I was excited about it too. I remember having all broadcast TV stations--that means ABC, CBS, and NBC. I use to have to re-position the bunny ears every once and a while to get a clear picture. If I wanted to watch a program, I had to depend on the TV guide. If I missed the program, I would have to wait for reruns, which was usually months later.

I decided to convert one of the computer monitors sitting at home to a TV. I went to Best Buy and bought a DVI to HDMI converter for $20. I took the Blu-ray player from the master bedroom and connected it to the monitor. Voila! The TV worked.

The Blu-ray quickly displayed Netflix and Pandora. I clicked on Netflix and it showed me the menu options for movies and shows. I was excited to see my son's expression of his new TV. I called him upstairs to look at his new gift. He excitedly ran up the stairs and into his room and saw the TV. He got the remote control and surfed Netflix. He was excited, until he exited to the menu to view other selections.

"No YouTube?" he asked disappointed.

"No. You get Netflix, though. And you like Netflix. You can watch all your shows and stuff."

"Oh, okay," he said as he turned the power to the Blu-ray and monitor and left the room.

I would have been ecstatically grateful  had my parents gotten me something like this when I was his age.

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