Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My iPhone


I finally got rid of my HTC EVO and got my first iPhone.

I made the decision to buy the new iPhone 5S.

The first Friday it was released, I stood in line at Best Buy. Unfortunately, the phone was sold out and I had to wait another 10 days.

These 10 days was brutal. My HTC phone was going slower and slower and slower by the day. I experienced lag time when opening a program. It took longer to text message that it should. I wanted to destroy my phone. I was close to smashing it. The only thing that was preventing that was that I would be phone-less.

But alas. I got my hands on the new iPhone 5S, and I am loving it.

So, I've join the family iPhone club. My son has my wife's old iPhone 3, my wife has the iPhone 5, and I have the new iPhone 5S.

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