Wednesday, October 2, 2013

First Game of the Fall Season

While other kids during the fall season play soccer, our son decided to play fall ball. Little league in the fall is mostly instructional. This is the time where coaches teach their players the advanced lessons of baseball. This is the time where players can develop themselves for the spring season.

This is the first year my son plays in kid-pitch. The last couple of years, he has played in the coach-pitch leagues. So, the idea of having a kid pitch a ball to him was new.

His team, the Astros, played against the Orioles. The game started slow, but then turned exciting as the Astros, feeling comfortable and confident, dominated. The score was 18 - 2, Astros.

My son's stats:

Game 1: AB: 3 H: 1 R: 1 BB: 2 RBI: 1 SB: 2 (While playing third base, he tagged out a runner.)

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