Wednesday, October 23, 2013

3rd and 4th Games of the Fall Season

We're running a week behind in our games this season, mainly due to the rain.

Don't get me wrong. We needed the rain, but it does damper the fall little league season.

My son has had four games in the fall season. All games have been against the same teams, the Orioles and the Giants.

This past two games were rough for him, though. His defense was great, but his batting struggled.

For some reason, he fears being hit by the ball. On one occasion, he jumped back and fell on his bottom prematurely when the ball was about two feet away.

On Sunday, I decided to take him to the batting cage and have him practice a few hits. He swung the bat just fine, but being before a kid pitcher really makes him nervous.

His stats dropped during the last two games, but he did manage to steal a few bases during the fourth game.

My son's stats:

Game 1: AB: 3 H: 1 R: 1 BB: 2 RBI: 1 SB: 2 (Against the Orioles)
Game 2: AB: 2 H: 0 R: 1 BB: 1 RBI: 0 SB: 3 (Against the Giants)
Game 3: AB: 3 H: 0 R: 0 BB: 0 RBI: 0 SB: 0 (Against the Orioles)
Game 4: AB: 3 H: 0 R: 1 BB: 2 RBI: 0 SB: 4 (Against the Giants)

Total:     AB: 11 H: 1 R: 3 BB: 5 RBI: 1 SB: 9

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