Saturday, September 14, 2013

Vegas Trip Part 2 - "Never Leave Your Wingman"


"Alright...we're going to be each other's wingmen, okay," my friend told me as we walked through the casino to join our friends for our first night in Vegas. In previous years, the first nights are usually the nights where we really party and spend lots of money. Sometimes these are nights we want to forget the next day.

We were all dressed in our Vegas clubwear -- jeans or dark slacks, long-sleeve shirt, dark loafers, and the optional dark blazer.

We looked like the cast of Entourage, as we crossed Las Vegas Boulevard to join the rest of the guys at Stack, an upscale restaurant in the Mirage.

I'm known to be conservative stingy with my money. I decided to go with the chicken that cost about $30 rather than opt for the steak that was double or triple that price. I did order a $20 pineapple mojito with my meal, which I thought I was really living it up. The guys then ordered appetizers. I calculated an extra $10 for my share of the appetizers and tip.

Our friend, who was coordinating the bachelor party, then suggested that we just pitch in $100 each, since the restaurant wouldn't split checks. I though, "Shit, I should have ordered the rib eye."

Later that evening, we gathered around 1 Oak Nightclub, where the nightclub host walked us to our reserved table. We all had pitched in about $300 each for a table and drink service at the club. We even had our own personal bouncer.

Our table had two bottles of Grey Goose, a bottle of Crown Royal, a Patron tequila bottle, orange juice, Red Bull, Sprite, Coke, cranberry juice, and water. As one would expect, and since a few of our friends are single, girls came by our table for a free drink. These girls were vultures who called their friends to benefit from the free drinks. We had to call on our personal bouncer to kick them out.

Since we had the table for four hours, we did get to meet many new people--girls and guys. Many wanted to party with us. Other bachelor and bachelorette parties wanted to join our group.

From our table, we even got to see Skylar Grey perform a medley of her hits; however, as I reached over for my second shot of tequila, all I could hear in my head was LMFAO's Shots.

A few of us acted a bit silly--I was one of them as I found myself dancing at the edge of the upper dance floor overlooking our private table. Thank god no one got a picture of that. 

Soon many guys started leaving early, and only a handful of us were left. I looked around for my "wingman," but he was no where in sight. I figured perhaps he went to the restroom. Maybe he decided to dance.

At around god knows when, I was the only one at our table with three girls from Wisconsin, whom we all made friends with. Liquored up, I looked around for my wingman. He was no where in sight. We all decided that the night was over for us and walked out the club.

I said goodbye to our new friends and made my way back to the hotel.

What I am forgetting to tell is that after countless vodka drinks and tequila shots I was inebriated. My voyage back to the hotel got very spotty.

I remember exiting the club and walking past the Mirage lobby. I don't know how I crossed Las Vegas Boulevard, but I do remember seeing some of the guys at the blackjack table at Harrah's. I walked up to them, but didn't stay too long because I noticed the room spinning.

I walked into my room to see my "wingman" sound asleep in his bed.

You can imagine what came next. Let's just say, I suffered a major hangover the next day.

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