Monday, September 2, 2013

ShaKitty ShaKitty

A few months ago, we adopted a young cat that happened to be hiding in our garage. For a while, I was referring her as our "temporary permanent cat," in hopes that her owner would call and claim her; however, that didn't happen.

After several months, she is now part of the family--me, my wife, my son, and our dog. Yes, our dog, Chato.

If you don't know Chato, please read HERE, HERE, and HERE, but basically, he is a dog I have had since I first moved to Austin, 14 plus years ago.

Chato was quite interested in the cat, and didn't know how to approach the new addition to the family.

The cat hated the dog and successfully scratched Chato's upper cheek. The scratch was so bad that it got infected.

Eventually, the two began to understand each other and have avoided confrontation. Both are usually around each other, but neither go as far as to accidentally brush each other.

Like many parents with several kids under one roof, it can be confusing when calling the attention to someone. This happens with pets too. Recently, my wife found humorous my reference to the cat as "ChaKitty." I was actually thinking Chato, but it came out "ChaKitty."

So, now, each time we call Kitty's name (which is actually Meredith), we say "ShaKitty ShaKitty," as if we were Wyclef Jean singing "Shakira Shakira."

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Kal said...

I do love a neat kitty story.