Monday, September 30, 2013

Chato Matisse

I received a donation request from and friend for Strut Your Mutt.

Without hesitation, I donated $25. The problem came when I noticed $25 charged three times on my bank account. Obviously, this was a mistake and needed to be corrected. I mean, I don't mind donating $75, but I was kind of wanting that $50 for other stuff.

I called, the parent organization of Strut Your Mutt, to discuss my situation.

"I have a problem. I donated $25, but my bank statement has it charged three times. I don't mind the idea of donating $75, but I was actually counting on that $50."

I provided my name and credit card number. I later received a call but with no positive news.

"We can't find your donation anywhere. Are you sure you donated to" I was asked by a very sweet lady.

"Yes. I made a donation last week for $25, and my bank statement shows it was charged three times," I explained.

The very nice lady couldn't find my information, but she assured me that they'd look into the charges.

Sure enough, the next day I received a call from another lady at She asked if I indeed submitted a donation to Strut Your Mutt,"Are you sure you made a donation to Strut Your Mutt?"

"Yes and it was for $25. I don't mind donating $75, but I budget so much to make only $25 for right now."

"Did you use some other name to make your donation?" she asked.

"Hold on. I have the email here somewhere confirming my donation. Oh yes... Oh... Chato Matisse, my dog. I make a donation on behalf of my dog."

"How do you spell that?"

"C-H-A-T-O. Matisse, like the painter." (Thinking back, this really sounded gay--not that there is anything wrong with that.)

"Oh yes. I see him here."

"Well, I was being cute and all with the name and donation."

"Well, we now know being cute got you in trouble," she quipped.

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