Thursday, September 26, 2013

"Can I speak to your MOD."

My wife and I bought a new clothes washer, the Samsung 4.5 cu. ft. King-Size Capacity High-Efficiency AquaJet VRT.

Let me backup and give some back-story.

A few years ago, my friend was trying to get rid of his washer and dryer. He was having trouble selling his appliances. Being the good friend, I offered to buy them from him for 200 dollars. He took the offer.

We really didn't need a new washer and drying. Granted, ours was old and running a littler slower than less efficient. The washer and dryer he sold to me were more efficient and they were Maytag.

The problem was this particular washer model was known to stop a few times during washes. Either my wife or I would have to remember to push the power button every time we didn't here the washer working. After years of doing this, I was determined to get us a new washer.

With the help of my father-in-law, who contributed 500 bucks to the purchase, I got my wife a new washer.

There are two Lowe's within three miles from our house. My son and I decided to go to the Lowe's in Round Rock; the other location is in North Austin. We purchased our new washer and scheduled the delivery.

In the delivery notes, I requested that we'd be notified 30 minutes in advanced in order to make sure someone gets home to receive the washer.

The day of the deliver, however, I received a call seven minutes before. I frantically called my wife and told her to get home to meet the delivery guys. Four minutes later, the delivery guys called back to ask if she was on her way, because they had a busy schedule. Needlesstosay, I was pissed.

I waited for my wife to call me and confirm that the delivery had been made. She did. Then I called Lowe's to file my complaint.

"Thank you for calling Lowe's. How can I direct your call?" asked the operator.

"Can I please speak to your MOD, your manager on duty," I sternly requested.

"Yes, sir," replied the operator as she quickly directed my call.

"Hello, this is Cindy. How can I help you?" asked a very polite girl.

"I want to file a complaint."


"I bought a washer from you guys and requested that we'd be called 30 minutes before delivery. Yesterday, you guys called to confirm and I again asked for a 30 minute heads-up in order to make sure someone would be at the house."


"Well, I received a call from the delivery guy giving me seven minutes warning. Then he called again a few minutes later to see if I was able to reach my wife."


"Now, I shop at Lowe's for all my home stuff, and I never have problems. This is something that makes me very upset and wanted to file my complaint."

"I am sorry about this, sir. Please give me your name and number, so I can pass it to our warehouse manager."

I did give my information and reminded her that I am a loyal Lowe's customer, but this event caused me to file a complaint.

Our call ended, and that was that.

A few days later, as my family and I were driving to Lowe's in Round Rock, where I purchased the washer, I realized that I had called the North Austin location.

Hee hee.

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