Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Throwing out the first pitch

A few days ago, I threw out the first pitch at a baseball game.

To be honest, I was nervous about how I would pitch. Minutes before I walked out to the mound, I played the pitch over and over again in my head. My biggest fear was that the ball would bounce to the catcher.

After the national anthem, I was lead to the mound along with three other guys who were also throwing the first pitch. Two of them were with the border patrol. Another was with a local hospital.

The first guy, who was in full border patrol uniform, threw the first ball, which hit the ground and bounced to the catcher. The second border patrol officer, who was in casual attire, threw the ball hard but bounced to the catcher too.

At this point, I was nervous that I'd face the same fate with my throw. As I watched the hospital kid throw the ball high and to the right of the catcher, I decided that I would avoid any fancy attempt to wow the crowd and just throw the ball to its final destination--the catcher's mitt.

I was next. I took my position, looked the catcher, and threw the ball right down the center. No bounce. No rogue ball. The announcer called "STRIKE!" The catcher rushed down towards me and said, "Great pitch," handed me the ball, and shook my hand.

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