Saturday, August 24, 2013

Cell phones and EMF overload

All around us, if we like it or not, are electromagnetic pulses that carry information and data. These pulses are what gives us the things we take for granted such as television, cell phones, and electricity.

To completely remove oneself from electromagnetic frequencies, or EMFs, would be impossible; especially since we release our own EMF. Nonetheless, there could be something said about frequency overload.

I came across an article by Phyllis Light, Ph.D. in Pyschology, that discusses frequency overload. Many of her suggestions to help limit exposure to frequencies, which I list some below, revolve around cell phones.
  • Limit your use of electronics, this includes cell phones;
  • Use your landline telephone to make calls;
  • Turn off your wireless internet modem at night;
  • Turn off your cell phone at night;
You can read the complete article HERE.


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