Thursday, June 6, 2013

New Shoes

It's been since before the school semester started when we bought our son shoes. When we purchased the Nike Kids Flex Supreme, they looked like this:

After seven months of wear, his shoes looked like this:

To be honest, I did notice his shoes looking rough, a few weeks ago. When I suggested shoe shopping, my son protested--mostly because he loves these shoes. However, when I noticed the shoe's tips torn through, I decided we'd spend the afternoon looking for shoes; no excuse.

Academy was the first place we visited, since we bought his old shoes there; however, we were unable to find his size. Other shoes that looked similar were either too big or too small.

Since my wife wanted to visit White House Black Market we decided to visit the the Outlets in Round Rock. There's a Nike Factory Store there, so we thought we'd find a pair of shoes he'd like there. No such luck.

After visiting three stores, we finally did find a pair of shoe he liked at the Reebok store. He was so excited about the Reebok RealFlex Strength shoes that he tried them on the fake track inside the store. He even set off the alarm when he crossed the detector at the store's entrance.

Let's see how long these pair of shoes last.


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