Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"Hello, may I please speak with..."

A few days ago, I recieved a call on my office phone from a lady who was calling on behalf of a client of hers.

She explained that in order for her to connect me, I needed to provide her my date of birth or the last digits of my social security number.

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I denied either of these.

"Who are you with?" I asked.

"I'm representing a client of mine who is wanting to talk to you," she explained.

"I'm sorry, but who's your client?"

"I can't tell you that until you verify your date of birth or last four digits of your social security number."

"I don't feel comfortable with providing you that information. How about your client mail me a letter requesting a meeting or something," I countered.

"What's your mailing address?" she asked.

"You should have that, if you have my social security number," I responded.

"Okay, do you live on Navidad Drive?"


"Is your date of birth, [such and such]?"

"No. You've got the wrong person. Bye." I ended the call.

After the call ended, it made me wonder as to whether or not I was a victim of phishing, where people try to acquire information in order to access bank accounts and other stuff.

What if it were an elder answering the phone and didn't know he was being victimized. I knew what to do, because of the line of work I'm involved with.

All I can suggest is that if there is a call that comes in requesting the disclosure of your personal information, say no and hang up.


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