Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Experiencing All-Stars


My son was selected to be a part of one of his little league's All-Star teams.

The first game in the tournament was played against Smithville Team 1 (more one the numerical teams in a later post). His team lost.

Since the tournament is double elimination, the following team they faced was Bastrop's Team 1, which was played Monday evening.

Summer in Texas can sometimes be unbearable. The outside temperature must have been in the mid-90s at 6 p.m., when the game started. The discomfort was noticeable on the boys, as many were profusely sweating. The heat was affecting them.

"Can we go in the dugout, coach," one kid suggested after only a few warm-up throws.

As the boys sat in the dugout away from the beating sun, the Bastrop team kept practicing fielding.

At that point, it was clear that the Bastrop team wanted to win. The team from Bastrop overwhelmed our boys the first three innings when the score was 11 to 0.

Our boys finally brought in five runs in the third inning--the maximum limit a coach-pitch team can score in a inning. This finally ignited the boys, and they cheered for their teammates until the very end.

Two more points were added to the score, but they couldn't stop the Bastrop team from scoring. Plus, the Bastrop coaches directed their runners to taunt the fielders to cause errors. The final score was 19 to 7.

My son had a pretty good night. He tagged several runners while playing second baseman. He was at bat twice. One ball went deep into right field; however, the ball was caught. The second hit was a double, which eventually scored a run for the team.

His stats for 2013
Season Total: GP: 16 AB: 45 H: 27 R: 13 RBI: 18
Post Season Total: GP: 2 AB: 5 H: 1 R: 1

Of course, all the kids were upset with the loss. When I asked one of the kids, who was in tears, if he was okay, he responded, "I don't want to stop playing baseball."

It was a hard post-season for many of these kids. For two weeks, they practiced and practiced and practiced some more. In those two weeks, I saw all of them improve to be better players. New friends were made. The game of baseball became excited for many of them. They had fun, but the post-season had to come to a close.

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