Monday, June 17, 2013

Dating and who to avoid

Prior to meeting my wife, I dated a few girls. Many of the dates went well. Others not so.

I tried to always be a gentleman when taking a girl out for dinner, drinks, and a movie. But I have to admit, I was a bit of an ass to a few girls I didn't see sharing a future.

I came across an article by freelance writer, Eric Leech, where he lists 16 type of losers girls must avoid. I've listed a few that caught my attention with my own thoughts.


The “Hug, Smooch, ‘I’ll Call You Next Week’ But Never Does” Wanker
Leech explains that this type of guy knows how to turn on girls, but his flaw is that he's dating a lot of other girls. I wasn't this type of guy. The most girlfriends I had at once was two--maybe three. Dating these three was confusing, especially since their names were Veronica. I did, however, know a guy who enjoyed women, but totally overwhelmed himself with them to the point where his dark hair turned gray within a semester. Girls, let me put it this way: imagine the many sexually transmitted germs this guy may be carrying.

The “I Can’t Find My Phone” Guy
Leech explains that this guy uses the excuse of his "missing phone." I have to agree with him; however, there are times when guys just want to be alone. Instead of avoiding these type of guys, I'd suggest giving him space but be cautious.

Mr. Keeps Coming Back
Leech explains that there are a few guys that develop infatuation. These are the guys that are a bit creepy and could become scary. Like Leech suggests, end the relationship and don't give him room for hope.

The Guy Who’s Still Living With His Parents (Or College Roommates) After Age 30
By 22 years old, I made sure I was out of my house. I even moved five hours north to Austin to start my life. Although I was poor, I was independent. Girls do like guys who are or are attempting to be independent.

The Treats you Like Dirt Guy
Women should be treated with respect and adoration. Leech, however, is correct--there are some girls who like to be mistreated. Though, after a while, this type of response may become abusive. Stay clear of guys that don't appreciate you.

If you want to read the full article, visit HERE.


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