Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Balding and Myths

A few months ago, I posted a entry regarding my biggest fear; yes, hair loss.

During one of my monthly haircut, my stylist noticed a horseshoe-shape thinning on my scalp.

"Have you been stressed?" she asked as she ran her fingers across my hair.

Barber's shop, Japan
"I've been a little stressed. Why?"

"I know your hair, and this isn't your hair. You're thinning."

Fear crept in me.

Although male pattern baldness is quite common, I wasn't willing to accept it. To make a long story short, I took Biotin, addressed my stress, and my lost hair eventually returned.

I came across an article by Austin Man Magazine's health contributor, Jill Case, in  regarding male pattern baldness. She discusses how dihydrotestoterone (DHT), an androgenic hormone, affects hair follicles and how oral medication can slow hair loss down.
In the article, she also lists some myths about hair loss.

I'll start with the first one she lists, since it's one my mom told me, "Hair loss and male pattern baldness are determined by your mother’s side of the family." My mom assures me that I shouldn't be concerned with hair loss since her father, my grandfather, had all his hair when he passed away in his 80s. Although she may be slightly right, studies have found that both parents contribute to the likelihood of hair loss in their offspring.

Another myth I remember from when I was young was that wearing a baseball cap would cause hair loss. According to, "hair follicles receive oxygen from the blood stream, not the air." In other words, wearing a cap won't cause hair to fall.

Another myth that Jill Case addresses is sexual activity or lack thereof affects hair growth, "Sex will not affect your hair loss in any way!"

You can read her complete article HERE.

Check out this list of top ten myths provided by the New Hair Institute HERE.



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