Friday, May 31, 2013

No Right Turn on Red

I've taken the same route to work for the past 10 years, and I have become accustomed to stop at the intersection of the frontage road of I-35 and MLK.

via Google Maps
It had been a known rule to obey the street sign at that intersection that read "NO RIGHT TURN ON RED." This rule applied to not only the far right turning lane but also the inside right turning lane too. Police officers would even position themselves down MLK waiting for the next violator.

via Google Maps

For the longest time, I hated using the far right turning lane, more so due to those anxious drivers behind me. To avoid confrontation, I took the inner right turning lane.

That has all changed, recently. The "NO RIGHT TURN ON RED" sign has since disappeared and replaced with another turn right only sign.

Of course, since I expect that "NO RIGHT TURN ON RED" sign, and because of my fear of the possiblity of that hidden cop down the street, I still find myself stopping at the intersection. In fact, I've found myself slowing down a distance away and waiting for the light to green so that I can feel safe to take the turn.

I'll update this blog, if either Austin PD pulls me over for taking the turn on red or if it is confirmed that the "NO RIGHT TURN ON RED" has indeed been removed.


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