Monday, April 8, 2013


Since I was young, I've always loved writing. The thing is, sometimes I wondered what exactly I was writing about.

Imagine writing something the night before and the next morning deciphering non-sense. At times I cringe at my writing, yet I wouldn't delete it as if it were something of historical value.

When I was a sophomore in high school, I decided to keep a diary. Yes, I called it that and the boys at school would tease me. It wasn't until my mom clarified that girls kept a diary and boys kept journals.

Anyways, I had a diary journal. Inside the journal were poems I would write to impress girls. Yes, I would write lame limericks to show girls my interest in hopes that I would win their attention. Sometimes it would work, but then my inner-Raj (a reference to The Big Bang Theory) would kick-in. I was extremely shy when it came to girls. Really.

How pittiful was my inner-Raj? In high school, for example, I wrote poems to a cute girl named Gloria. For weeks I wrote and wrote of my love for her. The poems were lame, but eventually I got the girl. Or should I say, had the girl. We went together for one day. Yes, a day. Maybe not even 24 hours. I got to school and she basically called it off because I wouldn't hold her hand.

This obviously depressed me. I lost all focus in school--as if I was ever focused in school (tic). I continued to write and write until I met the next girl, which so happened to be the very next week.

The next victim to my poetry was Cathy. Similar to Gloria, I wrote poems to Cathy about my love. Again, I got the girl. This time I made sure to hold her hand.

What type of poems would I write?

I would write about love and life. Yes, it's broad, but really I didn't know what I was writing. Again, the majority of the poems were meant for girls I had crushes on. When I was in a relationship, the poems would focus on the time spent together. Sometimes I would write a poem after listening to a song. So, it varied.

Does rhyming come naturally?

Hell no. Today it's easy to make thing rhyme with the help of the Google. When I was young, I actually had to resort to a rhyming book, which I begged my dad to buy. Thankfully, my dad was supportive on my creativity.

Do you still write poems?

No. It all stopped when i had nothing else to write. Or perhaps, nothing that has inspired me to write. There is no need to write poems. Remember, I wrote poem to woo girls. I've got the girl.


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