Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The pets that "ran away"

It was recently revealed to me that, when I was young, my pets didn't just run away. Nope.

Sandy, Becky, Puppy, and many more didn't run away  because I was mean to them or didn't feed them. It was more like they were taken, while I was at school, to the local pound by my parents. My mom, to be more precise.

This was revealed after my dad had asked me how my dog, Chato, whom I've had for almost 15 years, was doing.

"Can you believe you've had Chato for how many years?" my dad asked.

"Fifteen," I replied.

"Wow. This is the longest you've had a pet, right?"

I nodded.

"How's he doing? Does he still have accidents?"

"He's doing okay. Because of his kidney issues, he still has his accidents. We have to put doggy diapers on him before we leave the house in the morning."

"You know, that's why your mom took Puppy to the pound."

Not only was I trying to intake my food but also what was just revealed to me about my dog, Puppy. Puppy was a poodle, who I had during high school and into college. He was a bit aggressive but loved to play.

One of my mom's friends breed her shih tzu with Puppy to have a litter of very cute puppies. We adopted one from the litter and called him CJ--short for Chato Jonas. CJ became my dad's favorite dog, but ended up running away after I left him outside during the Fourth of July--something I've always felt bad about.

I guess my mom had enough of Puppy peeing on the furniture in the house that she and the housekeeper decided to take Puppy to the pound.

"You know, that wasn't the only pet your mom took to the pound or gave away," my dad continued.

The revelation then became quite comical. I remember feeling sad that my pets ran away and thinking it was mostly due to my actions. With Puppy, I actually thought that perhaps he had been killed, after my neighbors spotted a little dog on the side of the road dead.

"Chato has been a great companion, though," my dad stated. Probably after realising that what he has revealed was making me upset.

It didn't really. That was a long time ago, and I was a little irresponsible when it came to caring for the animals. I'd like to think, however, that a good family adopted my pets from the pound, and that they all lived good lives.


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