Thursday, April 18, 2013

7th Game of the Season


Yup, my son's little league team are kind of like the MLB Yankees.

The first few games of the season, they faced some fierce competitors--teams that were older, taller, and more experienced. Of course, they'll play these teams again before the season is over. But at least these three wins will give them confidence before they meet again.

Supposedly, my son did great. I didn't watch the game, due to my responsibilities as a board member on duty. While my son had the best performance of the season, I managed the concession and cooked hotdogs, sausage wraps, and burgers for families who rushed to watch their own kid's games.

But my son had a great game and added to his stats, and the team won 10 to 2.

His Stats, so far:

Game 1: AB: 2 H: 2 R: 0 RBI: 2
Game 2: AB: 3 H: 2 R: 1 RBI: 0
Game 3: AB: 2 H: 1 R: 0 RBI: 0
Game 4: AB: 3 H: 2 R: 0 RBI: 1
Game 5: AB: 4 H: 3 R: 1 RBI: 2
Game 6: AB: 2 H: 0 R: 0 RBI: 0
Game 7: AB: 3 H: 3 R: 3 RBI: 4
Total: AB: 19 H: 13 R: 5 RBI: 9


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