Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Scary Kitty the Cat Part 2


What was supposed to have been temporary, has turned out to be more of a permanent thing.

A few weeks ago, while fixing the fence, I found a scared little cat hidding behind boxes in the back corner of the garage. My plan was to capture her, get her out of our garage, and release her in the frontyard. My wife and son countered and suggested she stay at the very least through the night until we find her owners.

That evening, we bought the cat, litter and food. A week later, we bought her toys, more litter, and food. Her name was then changed from Scary to Kitty.

Since she moved in, we've adapted with our new resident, whose nocturnal and active at night. While all of us are asleep, including the dog, she runs up and down the stairs, eats her food, poops, and plays with the afghan blankets. My son and I have even been awaken by a sandpaper-like tongue running across our hair, which is a sign of affection.

So, yes, the cat is now ours, or until someone claims her.


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Kal said...

Good for you for bringin her in a caring for her like you did. That kind of KARMA is never a bad thing.