Thursday, March 14, 2013

Are babies man-made?

My wife and I try to be honest with our son about the things around us. Of course, there are some things we leave up to his imagination.

Like many families, we eat our dinner at the dinner table. For us, this is family time where we share our day events and talk about politics, religion, philosophy, physics, math, space, and many other things.

This particular evening our son decided to quiz us about something he learned at school.

"Mommy, Daddy, are babies man-made?" he asked as he struggled to eat his soap.

"Yeah, Mommy and Daddy made you. So, yes, you were man-made," I replied.

My wife seemed to get the question, but allowed our son to respond to my answer.

"No. They are natural, not man-made," he responded.

I paused for a minute, looked for a reaction from my wife, and attempted to explain my position, "Oh, okay. I thought me--a man--made you by..."

"Play, 'Wheels on the Bus,'" my wife finally spoked as she adverted my son's attention and stopped me from finishing my sentence.

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Anonymous said...

And like most man-made things, the majority seem to be made in China.
I gave you an award.