Saturday, February 9, 2013

That's the spot

I came across an article regarding "erogenous zones." What are these zones? Well, they are the areas on the human body that are sensitive to sexual stimulation. Inquisitively, I had to learn more about these zones and share with my readers.

Since Valentine's Day is a couple day away, why not learn about those erogenous zones. Right?

Considering that my mother-in-law does at times read my posts, I will keep my list clean and leave you the links below to search for more zones.

Erogenous Zones
  1. The Neck
  2. The Buttocks
  3. The Lips
  4. The Navel
  5. The Ears (the area behind the earlobe)
  6. The Inner Thigh
  7. The Wrists
  8. The Feet
  9. Behind the Knees
  10. The Abs
You can read more HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.



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faye said...

Thanks for commenting on my yard birds..
I know a lot of avid bird watchers that would love to have Sandhill Cranes up close.. but after a while they do become a nuisance .. they scare away the smaller birds and have taken over the feeders.. yesterday I saw them pecking at one feeder..