Friday, February 1, 2013

CJ and the neighbors' daughter

c. 1995
When I was about 18 years old, my mom decided to adopt a puppy from one of her friends. My dad quickly became attached to the dog and they named him CJ.

He was a vibrant little shih tzu. He loved looking at his reflection and chasing after cars.

One summer afternoon, while a friend of mine and I were playing tag-ball in the front yard, CJ decided to chase the cars that drove through our street. This was nothing new. He would run and run to the end of the street where he would stop and return.

One of our neighbors had a young attractive daughter who use to drive their Lincoln Town Car. The neighborhood boys would gather at their mailboxes to just watch her drive to and from her home. Guys dared each other to talk to her. I think one guy from the neighborhood eventually did and was turned away.

Well, that summer afternoon, CJ decided to chase her car. My friend and I noticed the Town Car he was chasing and quickly stopped our game to get a glimpse of her. I remember her turning towards me. Our eyes locked for what seemed like an eternity, but was soon broken when CJ, who was running after the car, twisted his hind leg and stumbled across the asphalt. CJ jumped up and jolted into the house crying.

The girl stopped her car and looked concerned. She didn't get out of the car but waited for my reaction. I waved at her to not worry about it and she drove slowly to her home. That intimate millisecond of time we shared together was all we had. It was never the same from that point on. We became no more but neighbors.

Enough of me.

CJ did break his hind leg. He was in a cast, but soon regained strength to continue his hobby of running after cars. Of course, he ran with a limp after his accident.

Photo taken with a 35mm camera.


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