Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Confessions of a Gym Dweeb - Control Prying


It's nothing new. My eyes tend to wonder off and people watch while working out. I notice the regulars. I can predict what time they arrive at the gym, and I know who's with whom. I try to control my prying, really.

A few weeks ago, while at the gym, I started my routine on the rowing machine, which faces the Smith Machine where a muscular short guy wearing a cap that ran low over his eyes was doing squats.

I rowed. He did squats. But when he finished, he so happened to turn towards my direction. And although I wasn't looking at him, my sight focused on him when I noticed he turn towards me. I quickly switched my attention to TVs behind him.

Yet, similar to the Preggo Creeper incident, it just so happened that this guy was either working out on a machine next to mine or in front of me. Since his capwas low, it was hard to determine whether our eyes did actually meet. Regardless, when it did seem as if they did, I would quickly find the TVs or look away.

There's obviously a reason why the gym have multiple TVs, and it's not just to keep clients informed of the world in sports and news. I think it gives clients something to focus on when working out and avoid situations similar to what I sometimes find myself getting into.



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