Thursday, January 3, 2013

Called 3-1-1 on my neighbors

Yes, it came to this.

A few nights ago, my neighbors were partying in their backyard. This is nothing new (see Praying my neighbors get pregnant...soon), but since the weather has been mild, the a/c unit the noise isn't muffled to notice. 

I can hear their conversations. Supposedly, one dude was going for the Fighting Irish in next week's BCS college football game. He was getting grief from another guy for his choice.

Meanwhile, the girls were gossiping and laughing. One of them repeating, "You're fucking kidding me." The party continued passed 2 am to which point I decided to call 3-1-1 (non-emergency).

"Is this the number I call if I want to report my neighbors being loud?" I asked.

The dispatcher responded, "You want to report a noise complaint?"

"I guess," I stumbled, "my neighbors are a bit loud or maybe it's just me."

"We'll dispatch an officer to the location."

I second guessed my decision, but it was too late.

I laid back on the couch and tried to fall asleep before the *whatever* would show up--I couldn't accept that an officer would show up at my neighbor's house. Maybe I couldn't fathom the fact that when the officer knocks on the door and tells my neighbor that a noise complaint has been filed, he will ask who filed it. There are only two houses next to his. Shit! Didn't think this far.

I dozed off but did hear a hard knock on their door. I slightly opened my eyes and noticed lights travel across the livingroom. A few minutes later, I could hear cars start. Then the noise was gone.

After snoozing the alarm twice, I finally woke up and made my way to the bathroom to take a shower and get ready for work. When I got out of the bathroom and notice my wife waking up,  I told her about my 3-1-1 call.

"You called the cops?" she said in a drowsy tone.

"I was tired of the noise," I defended my decision, "they had been partying since before 10 at night. I had to do it. It was late."

Of course, I felt differently. I could have emailed my neighbor again and ask him to keep the noise down. Maybe I should have asked for his number just to have if the noise gets out-of-control. I went through different scenarios, but in the end, there was no undoing what I did.


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