Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thinning... and I don't mean losing weight

Perhaps its Karma. Maybe it's age or stress (yes, this calm and collected person continues to encounter financial stress even after these past few months). It could also be in the jeans genes. 

I went in for my monthly haircut with my stylist, Kim, a couple of days ago. Yes, I go to a hairstylist. No, she doesn't color or perm my hair. Yes, I do have curls but they are natural.

Anyway, after having a fun conversation, all seriousness set in. She told me that my hair was unrecognizable. In the past, she has complemented my thick hair. Today was different. She said that my hair was thinning and forming into a horseshoe shape. 

"Sh*t!" I thought I'd have a few more years until I would start losing my hair. I definately thought my hair would turn grey first before I would lose hair. 

My stylist recommended Biotin 5000 mcg. Supposedly, I may have a biotin deficiency. Without giving you the scientific explanation of why biotin is important, all I will say is that it helps us dudes keep our hair.

Of course, after walking calming out of her salon and to my car, I drove as fast as I could to the nearest drug store. I literally ran to the first employee in sight as demanded the vitamin aisle.

No, not really. The biotin pills were in plain sight. I guess there are a lot of dudes in the same situation I am finding myself in.

When I got home, I took what will perhaps be the first of many.


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