Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hazards at home

When we were four months pregnant, my wife wanted to baby proof the house. We went to Babies R Us and bought outlet covers, cabinet latches, a first aid kit, and other baby proof products. We even purchased a fire extinguisher for the kitchen in case of a fire, which I eventually used seven years later.

We even bought a new livingroom set in fear that our baby would hurt himself on the glass coffee table.

Although our house was baby proof, there were times when we were afraid our son would get into things. To this day, we tell our son not to come into the kitchen when we are cooking in fear that he might get hurt--he's eight years old.

In the November issue of Austin Woman, health contributor Jill Case offers helpful tips to prevent accidents in the kitchen, garage, and laundry. I've listed some below with my own comments.


1. "Turn pots and pan handles" - This is one that we always practice, especially after our son began to walk. We placed the boiling water pot on the back burners and made sure the handles faced inward.

2. "Keep things...away from the stove" - This is one very important tip. Sleep-deprived, my wife almost started a fire by leaving a dishtowel next to the burner. Luckily, she caught it in time.

3. "Do not place knives in soapy dishwater" - I'm guilty in that I would place knives in the sink. After many warnings from my wife, I made it a point to place the knives at the corner of the sink and not in the sink.


1. "Keep flammable substances...away from water heaters" - I keep the gasoline tank outside.

2. "Keep power tools...out of reach of children" - Yikes, I need to clean my garage.


1. "Check to ensure there is no lint building up" - Funny story. After we moved in, nine years ago, I installed the drier. Unfortunately, the outgoing tube was not correctly installed. So, throughout the next few years, lint began covering the pantry (where the washer and driver live). It wasn't until we bought our new washer and drier that I noticed the cause of the lint covering the pantry. Oops.

You can read Jill Case's complete list HERE.


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