Monday, December 31, 2012

366 Days of blogging

Seven years ago, I started blogging on Yahoo! 360.

Originally, the blog was about my son and it was written for my wife (who traveled on business) and family (who live out of town). My first few entries were about Christmas shopping, poop, Christmas lights, and Pancho Clos, dining experience at Olive Garden, my kid smelling like poop, September 11th, and spoiled milk. When I realized that no one (not even my wife) read my blog, I stopped. 

Then in late 2007, I experienced a form of mid-life crisis. My wife was traveling a lot on business and I found myself raising our son while she was gone. When my wife would come home for the weekends, her time was mostly spent with our son, which is understandable. But I was lonely.

Of course, that was not the only thing that was bothering me. I started to think about my career path. I knew that since my job provided time flexibility, changing was probably not the best choice; especially, if my wife was traveling for her job. Plus, I found myself somewhat typecasted in my career.

When I was an undergraduate communications student, I had this dream of writing stories and taking photographs as a career. For a short period of time, I wanted to be a photojournalist and cover the drug wars along the U.S. Mexico border--thank God that didn't mature.

One evening on January 6, 2008, I decided to start a blog that focus on the things I enjoy--photography, writing, and more. The first few entries were of pictures I took in the past, then I started blogging about parenthood and traveling. Since then, I've seen my blog evolve to include research in music, art, and other things I find interesting.

This past year, I gave myself a goal to blog everyday.  That's 366 entries for this leap year. Now, to be honest, I wasn't on my computer after midnight blogging. The secret is that I scheduled my entries ahead of time. In other words, I may have written an entry three weeks before it was scheduled to post. Tada!

For me, blogging has been therapeutic, and I'm able to excerise my creativity and writing.

So with that, I thank you (readers) for visiting my blog and reading my stuff. I hope to continue this for years to come.



Fernando Santos (Chana) said...

Votos de Feliz Ano Novo com muita luz de Esperan├ža por um mundo melhor....

Kal said...

Appreciate your honesty. It feels good to admit your failings isn't it? It's my favorite thing to do. Good for you for trying to understand your son. I had a father who really worked hard to do that for me and it made all the difference. You will never know how it pays off but it does.