Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What do men find sexy about women?

To help me gather ideas for blog entries, I began following people and magazines on Twitter. I was overwhelmed with ideas the first day. One being of things men find sexy about women.

Last year, matchmaker expert Paul Carrick Brunson listed 13 things men found sexy about women. He gathered his data from over 1,000 male clients and twitter followers. His findings is that "sometimes it's answered with purley physical characteristics while others respond with personality traits," and while women have "a wide variation in what they considered sexy, fellas are narrower with their thoughts." From personal experience, I think that's pretty accurate.

When I was dating, physical features were top of my list. For example, I dated a girl I met over Yahoo Personals. Throughout the meal, I couldn't get past her huge big large oversized "regrettably large" head. She also had a strange smell I couldn't make out. Needlesstosay, the date ended and that was that. Shallow. Yup. Do I feel guilty about it. Nope.

Trust me, there were many women who I dated that didn't want a call. One actually told me not to call her again; of course, that was after I left several messages one after the other trying to correct the previous message. To this day I can't watch Swingers without cringing.

I've listed a few of Brunson's findings below with my comments in red.
  • Men find fit legs attractive. This reminds me of an episode in Just the Ten of Us, where a young Matthew Perry is asked by an over-protective dad, while serving fried chicken, if he'd like "breast or leg." Matthew answers "wing." I have to admit, ever since I began noticing girls, I've liked legs. So, I can understand that this physical characteristic is preferred by most men.
  • High heels. Women look great in high heels, and us guys do notice the shoes. And if a guy complements your high heels, more than likely he's noticing your legs.
  • A woman's scent. Perfumes are great, but I prefer the natural scent. What exactly is it about the natural scent? It tells a lot about a woman and her diet. Women whose diet is primarily meat will have an unpleasant odor.
  • Confidence.  When I met my wife, her confidence was the first thing I noticed. Okay, I lie. It was her shoulders that first caught me, then her eyes, then her smile, and then her confidence. Even today, I am drawn by her confidence.
  • An exposed back. For me, this is absolutely true, and I blame Henri Mattise's La Coiffeur for this. There is something about an exposed back that is extremely sexy. And call me weird, but I like when a woman's back has a few freckles.  
  • Hips wider than waist. Yes, yes, yes. A natural curve is extremely sexy.
You can get the complete list HERE.

I thought I'd end with this clip from Scent of a Woman, and let Lt. Col. Frank Slade tell us what he likes in women. (Contains Explicit Language)

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