Monday, October 1, 2012

Watching a suicide on Fox News

Last Friday, while I was multitasking at work, my attention turn to a car chase Fox News was covering.

I've seen these types of chases before on the news and many times the event ends with the perpetrator surrendering to police. This one was different.

After about twenty minutes or so, the chase ended like nothing I have ever witnessed.

Let's back up. About an hour before this car chase, Fox News and other cable news channels were covering another car chase in California that ended with the guy dropping to his knees and surrendering to police. This is a common theme--the perp tries to out run the police and when the perp either hit a car or a barrier wall or run out of gas, he surrenders to police.

This was different and for a moment it felt like watching a movie. What perhaps made it almost surreal was listening to Shepard Smith narrating the events as it unfolded. At one point after he mentioned police might use spikes to slow him down, the driver went off the road and onto a dirt road.

Smith then speculated that perhaps the driver was listening to Fox News through an AM station. After a few more minutes, the vehicle stopped. Smith became nervous as the perpetrator exited the vehicle and began to run.

When the man stopped and lifted his gun, Smith yelled to the network producer to "Get off," but it was too late. The suicide was live on air.

I felt sick to my stomach after watching this event unveil. I couldn't stop thinking about how the guy just dropped straight forward after pulling the trigger--nothing like the movies.

Smith came back on air and profusely apologized for the gaff. Less than an hour later, The Daily News covered Fox News mistake. You can read the article at the link below:


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