Friday, October 26, 2012

Confessions of a Gym Dweeb - Preggo Creeper

Yes, I went there.

Where exactly?

How about staring at a pregnant belly, while working out at the gym.

Okay, so in the past I had noticed a pregnant lady lifting weights at the gym. To be honest, this concerned me a bit. I was a bit uncomfortable.

"Should a pregnant woman be placing this much stress to her body?" I thought to myself.

Well, during this particular time, as I slowly opened my eyes from having them shut as I struggled to curl 50 pounds, my focus happened to be on the pregnant lady's belly. My focus quickly turned away towards the TV screens to my far left after my stare was caught by this mom-to-be.

It got worse.

While I moved on to another circuit machine, she happened to move to the machine in front of me. So my focus was again on her belly--all creeper-like. I moved on and attempted to keep my distance from her before she reported me.

After confessing my experience to the wife before she receives any call from the gym, I searched the web for answers to my concerns.

According to several website, weight training throughout all three trimesters can be beneficial for a mom-to-be. Weight training can help in labor duration and speedy recovery after delivery.

Pregnancy Fitness lists several exercises pregnant women should consider such as bicep exercise to increase upper body strength, kegel exercise that strengths the pelvic floor, and leg lifts and squats to work out the lower body.

Finally, offers exercise routine programs for moms-to-be to use, which includes weights, cardio, and yoga.

So, there you go. It's okay for a pregnant woman to be at the gym.



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